Sisterhood is an experience that does not end after four years. It is a strong friendship that all women should experience. Sisterhood is a feeling that is hard to describe, but when you experience it like KTs have, you will understand it. Part of what makes Sigma Kappa Tau so special is our close knit bond. From the moment you begin the New Member Period, you become part of our sisterhood. You are a person who is cared for deeply by all members. Sisterhood for us means true friends to return to each school year, a place where fun comes spontaneously, somewhere to find support and assistance, and an opportunity to shape goals, learn leadership, and share ideas. Simply, it is a place where you can be yourself! Upon meeting us, you'll find an involved, friendly, and successful group of young women who are not afraid to be themselves! As KTs, we share a special bond founded in our values that emphasize friendship, loyalty, leadership, and service.

To a KT, sisterhood is staying up all night watching movies together, celebrating when someone gets achieves their dream, or even being the shoulder to cry on when the pressures of college life seem too overwhelming. Sisterhood is not something that can be formed by shallow associations, but only through the meaningful connections and time spent together. It is more than a common set of Greek letters - sisterhood is an eternity of friendship, love, and loyalty.