The ladies of Sigma Kappa Tau pride themselves on being the second sorority at Augustana. The KT's were founded in 1909 at the sundial behind Old Main. Since the sorority first met under the light of the crescent moon, the girls chose the moon as their official symbol. Our sorority flower is the Talisman Rose, and our colors are silver and blue.

We lost our charter in 1975 due to a lack of finances, but ten years later we rechartered. Since we have worked hard to make the KT name a symbol of our motto: friendship, love, and loyalty. In 1993, we added Sigma to our name, but still go by the nickname of KT. We continue to wear navy blue coats with our letters with pride around campus.

We celebrated our Centennial Celebration in the Spring of 2009. We shared 100 years of memories and laughter. We strive to continue our history and traditions into the next one hundred years and beyond.

First. Finest. Forever, Sigma Kappa Tau.

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