Purpose and Values

We strive to achieve the highest type of womanhood. Since 1909, Sigma Kappa Tau has encouraged women to make great friends, true sisters and lifelong bonds. We live by principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true friendship. We are open-minded genuine women who believe individuality is one of the keys to a healthy chapter. Our Sisterhood will help you explore your strengths and expand your horizons.

KT values love. We encourage the individual personal growth of each member through advancements in self-empowerment, self-esteem, honesty and integrity. However, being in a sorority is not just an individualistic thing, if the chapter flourishes so do we all. An appreciation of all sisters is found throughout our sorority. We love ourselves for who we are, for we cannot love others if we do not first love our self.

KT values loyalty. By joining Sigma Kappa Tau, a promise is made of secrecy and mutual respect for every member.

KT values sisterhood. The friends you make from our chapter are genuine, lifelong friendships.

KT values leadership. Within our chapter we foster strong leaders by allowing members to have a say in the on goings of the chapter and make decisions for themselves. We then go out into the world to make a difference.

KT values serivce. As a chapter, we find it very beneficial to be involved in the community. From participating in Relay for Life to hosting our own service events we find service is fun and self-fulfilling as we work as sisters to help those in need.

KT values scholarship. We exhibit high ideals and standards in academics. Sigma Kappa Tau strives to help each woman reach her potential through programs such as chapter study hours & mentors.

KT values tradition. Every KT knows that it is important to know where you have come from in order to know where you are going. Being in Sigma Kappa Tau will teach you life lessons you can't learn from a classroom.