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2002 was our first time to field a team in the national  advertising competition. The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) is a chance to show off our skills to our peers and potential employers. Check out the details on the national site


Past Plan Books

2003 Toyota Matrix Plan Book (1.5MB)

2004 Visit Florida Plan Book (1.4MB)

2005 YAHOO! Plan Book (1.5MB)

2006 Postal Vault Plan Book (2MB)

2007 Coca-Cola Plan Book (20MB)

2008 AOL's AIM Plan Book (1.2MB)

2009 The Century Council Plan Book (2.2MB)

2010 State Farm Insurance Plan Book (6.5MB)

2011 JC Penney (1.6MB)

2012 Nissan (1MB)

2013 Glidden Paint (1.7MB)

2014 Mary Kay Direct Marketing (7.2MB)