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Welcome to Augie Techknowledge from ITS, a once-a-term e-newsletter to share "what's new" in ITS and provide useful tips and articles on Information Technology and Educational Technology at Augustana.  We hope you like it and find it useful.

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Winter 2011 In this issue:
Google Apps Transition update
Smart Phones and Google Apps
WiFi: Safe or Not?
Digital Video Resources in Equipment Checkout
Macs: Connecting from Off Campus with VPN
Battle of the e-readers
New Face in ITS
Tip: Making Sure your Email Stays Private

Spring 2010 In this issue:
Apple's iPad
Windows 7 Update
RSS - Really Simple Syndication
Spring Cleaning for your Computer
Summer Projects? We Can Help!
Multimedia, Moodle, and MoodleMoot
Tip: Update your web profile

Winter 2010 In this issue:
Netbooks - Pros and Cons
Emails to delete & ignore
Students: Google Apps Training Coming Soon
Switching to Seven
Datatel Colleague Upgrade
Best wishes to Denny Hurd
Tip: How to Drag Content in Word

Fall 2009 In this issue:
Introducing a New CampusNet
What's New in Equipment Checkout
Clickers for Hire
Connecting from Off Campus with VPN
New - Video Tutorials
Tip - Set a Reminder to Reply to an E-mail Message
ITS Workshops over Fall Break
Spring 2009 In this issue:
Augustana Website Redesign
Check IT Out!
Saving Energy and Money with Sleep Mode
Colleague Update
Summer Projects? We Can Help!
Tip - Opening Word Docs from Email
Upcoming Moodle Workshops
Winter 2009 In this issue:
ePortfolios with Mahara
New Online Calendar
Viruses and Malware: Stay Away!
What's up with Windows 7?
Inspect your Documents for Hidden Information
Tip: Changing Your Password
Fall 2008 In this issue:
New Faces in ITS
The Summer of '08
Electronic Portfolios
Coming Soon: "Lunch Bytes"
Google Labs on your Gmail
Reducing Printing on Campus

Tip - It's Still Easy Being Green
Spring 2008 In this issue:
Office 2007/2008 Update
It's Easy Being Green
Upcoming ITS Printing Policy Changes
Students going to Google Apps
Carlsson Hall progress
Downloaders Beware!
Tip - your Webadvisor Password
Winter 2008 In this issue:
New people in ITS
Office 2007/2008 Update
The Bandwidth Blues
Datatel Colleague Update
Passwords - Change is Good!
Tip - Changing your Password
Fall 2007 In this issue:
A new face in ITS
Internet Speed Update
Moves, Moves, and More Moves
More Students Coming with Laptops
Daylight Savings Time
PowerPoint Template Tip
Winter 2007 In this issue:
A new face in ITS
Datatel Colleague Update
What's up with Vista?
Outlook and Daylight Saving Time
Spam Traffic on the Rise
Update: Augustana's Network Speed
Fall 2006 In this issue:
Computer Basics Seminar for First Year students
Working from home?
Powerpoint Tip
Making unruly web addresses short
Spring/Summer 2006

In this issue:
Username conversion
Faculty Profiles
How to Personalize a Mass E-mailing

Update: Augustana's Network Speed
Moodle Update

Winter/Spring 2006 In this issue:
Augustana's Network Speed
Datatel Update
Outlook shortcuts
Watch the new residence hall
More tips!
Spring 2005 In this issue:
Optical Imaging on Campus
ITS Student Techs to the Rescue
What's a Wiki?
Personal E-mail Folders in Outlook
Infections and annoyances defined
Upcoming classes in ITS
Winter 2004-2005  In this issue:
Keeping Your PC Running Smoothly
Pen Drives
E-mail to a Public Folder 
Astra Schedule
Got Spam? Why Spammers Spam….
New "Live On-line" Closed Course List
Conserving Augustana's Bandwidth

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