IHSA Information


All lessons are at Horses of Course. The address is 11818 95th Ave ,
Blue Grass , IA 52726 . Mapquest is a good idea, or ask me for directions. You may follow me the few times to the barn if you need to.

Carpools are a great idea! I will distribute names and numbers for you to get in contact with one another. You may also ride to the barn with me.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance by email or phone. My number is 8443, please don't leave the rest of the group waiting for you when you are not coming. It is not a big deal if you can not make one lesson. Only after missing multiple lessons is when it becomes an issue.

Please wear jeans and boots/heeled shoes to lessons. This is for safety purposes

ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR A HELMET. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to ride without one. Helmets WILL be provided

Please arrive on time!!! You will be in charge of saddling your horse after the first few weeks, so give yourself ample time. If your lesson is at 7 do not show up at 6:53 and plan to be on time to your lesson

During the winter months, lessons may be cancelled due to poor road conditions or cold. I will notify you via email by 2 pm if there is a problem

For the first lesson, we will be starting to teach grooming and saddling ONE HALF HOUR prior to your lesson, please don't miss it, it is very important to learn ASAP

You can learn a lot from watching other people ride as well. Staying early to watch another lesson or coming early is highly encouraged

There are NO stupid questions when it comes to riding! Don't be afraid to ask!

Don't be scared to try new things! We would never have you do anything that would risk your safety

Have FUN!

ŠAugustana College 2005