IHSA Information

Equestrian Club Members

President:  Kim Klein

Advisor:  Connie Ghinazzi (x7494)


Augustana Equestrian Team

What: English and Western Teams practice weekly and compete through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

Where: Horses of Course, a lesson barn in Buffalo, Iowa about 20 minutes away from Augustana College.

Why: To compete against other schools, ride lots of different horses, and of course, have loads of fun!

Cost: Each rider must pay for weekly group lessons, $20 each. Riders are responsible for paying for the hotel, which we split as a team. Also we usually chip in for lunch and snack food. Because we are a club sport, Augustana pays for our entry fees, van rental, and gas money.

*The team is a yearlong commitment but it is not required that the rider attends all of the shows. The Equestrian Team is the only club sport that gets gym credit! This is offered spring term, so you must ride with us all year.

Contact: Allison Stoner; Allison-stoner@augustana.edu
Augustana Equestrian Club

The Club is for people that are not interested in showing or competing. They also take weekly lessons at Horses of Course for $20. The Club is designed to give people an opportunity to ride and be around horses. In addition to lessons, the Club also does other horse related events, such as movie nights, race track visits, confirmation clinics, and horse handling clinics.