IHSA Information

  • Would you like to attend horse shows?

  • Are you interested in helping take care of horses?

  • Would you like to take riding lessons?

  • Are you interested in raising money to benefit hoofed animals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then,
is the organization for you. Designed for anyone who is interested in horses and likes to have fun, this group welcomes anyone, with any level of experience. The group will facilitate the needs and wishes of its members.

THE AUGUSTANA EQUESTRIAN TEAM practices weekly, riding many different horses, and have loads of fun. The Equestrian Team is a club sport that receives gym credit for participation during spring term. The Augustana Equestrian Team is proud to have had IHSA teams in recent years. For more information, visit www.ihsainc.com.

If you are interested in more information, contact the Equestrian Club president, Kim Klein at Kimberly-klein@augustana.edu or the faculty advisor, Connie Ghinazzi at connieghinazzi@augustana.edu.