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Client Information

We have worked with a number of clients since the group was founded in 1998. The Web Guild most frequently takes on nonprofit and small business websites, but we also are open to other types of projects.

All of the work that we do is completely custom - we do not work from templates; our goal is to ensure that your website is unique to your organization. The Web Guild does offer responsive design, which makes your website cell phone and tablet-friendly - an important factor to consider, especially since Google began factoring mobile-friendly into their search rankings. We use our own responsive design framework, which allows us greater design flexibility than adhering to the industry frameworks.


Featured Clients

Screenshot of the Bethany for Children and Families website

Bethany for Children and Families is a nonprofit organization based in Moline, IL that provides child welfare and social services to children and families in the greater Quad Cities region.


Screenshot of the 1 Marine 1 Life Foundation website

1 Marine 1 Life Foundation is a new nonprofit organization that offers several programs to support causes around the Quad Cities.


Screenshot of the Redenius Chiropractic website

Redenius Chiropractic is a brand new chiropractic clinic that is opening soon in Lake City, Iowa. The practice will not open until early August, but the site was launched a few months ahead to serve as a marketing tool and to build some traction in the search engine rankings.