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One of the Web Guild's founding missions is to educate and enlighten the community in and around Augustana College about the incredible diversity and power of the Internet. The Web Guild works toward this goal by offering web design services for nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

The group is mentored by our faculty advisor, Doug Tschopp, the Director of the EDGE (Entrepreneurial) Center. He has web expertise in front end development including content strategy, user interface design, and information architecture. He teaches public relations and has extensive experience in marketing communication, business management, and strategic planning.

Student leadership for 2015-16 is Holly Scholl - President

The Augustana Web Guild was founded in the spring of 1997 by a group of Augustana College students. Originally chartered as a small student organization to help students learn about the web, the Guild grew quickly as a model for what professional student organizations could accomplish.

Under the supervision of Augustana College's Director of Marketing, the students set out to explore the career field offered by the rapidly developing world wide web. That core of founding students was also largely responsible for the Augustana College's web site (1997-2005), which was ranked among the finest higher education web sites in the United States for many years.

Shortly after the group started, they decided to become self-funding rather than ask the school for funds like most groups do. So they started developing websites for community organizations to fund the equipment needs and operations. To maintain annual income and to best serve their clients, they had the innovative idea of doing website updates on an annual contract with their clients… and they now have over 200 clients on contract.

The Augustana Web Guild not only is self-funding, but has also started an endowed scholarship at Augustana College. The Entrepreneurial Scholarship has been helping support the entrepreneurial Web Guild students since 2009.