Art & Literary Magazine


please submit by attaching your work in an email to SAGA with the Subject Field of the email titled, "Saga Magazine - (Art/Poetry/Prose) Sumission". The following information for each work should be included in the email:

  1. Name
    • Work will remain anonymous during the selection process.
  2. Year
  3. Title of Piece
  4. Medium
  5. Artist Statement
    • Brief description of your work, that could include the
      inspiration and/or goal of the work, the subject matter, materials used, etc.
  6. Contributor's Note (optional)
    • A statement about YOU. What do you want those who
      read SAGA magazine to know about you as an artist?

We will accept up to 10 submissions per student per section: Art, Poetry and Prose, totaling up to 30 potential submissions for each student! We encourage full submission potential!


Submissions will remain open until JANUARY 3rd,



 Poetry/Prose submission help

We prefer that poetry and prose is submitted by email in a format with editable text (ex. Word Document, Rich Text Format). We ask for this so if selected for the publication, the text can be lifted directly from the submission and placed into the SAGA, removing the chance of spelling and grammar errors.

If you are uncomfortable submitting your work in a format where text is editable, PDFs are accepted. However, if the work is selected for the publication we will email you requesting for a version with accessible text and will expect a response within 3 days. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that the Poetry or Prose submitted will be reflected correctly in the SAGA publication. Or in some cases, we might be forced to change our final selections.



 Art submission help

Art can be submitted electronically, or physically.

Electronic submissions should be in .jpeg format, and titled the same as the Title of the Piece you listed in the email.

Physical submissions can be arranged by sending an email to with a Subject field, "Saga Magazine - Physical Submission" and we will find a way to pick up your work of art. All the same information of the work should also be included in the email (ex. Name, Title of Pieceā€¦). We will use the physical piece in the selection process then photograph it for the magazine if it has been selected. Then email you back to arrange an occasion where the physical piece can be returned.

SAGA intends to present the best that is being written by Augustana students, alumni, faculty and staff. The bases of selection are originality, interest, clarity, and sincerity.