What kind of clothes do I wear for practices?
Leotards, tights, black pants, sweatpants, dance pants, tank-tops, t-shirts, sports bras, sports shorts, modern shoes, jazz shoes, ballet shoes, jazz sneakers, just comfortable clothes.

How long are practices?
Company practices are usually Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and last for an hour. Individual dances will be scheduled once a week after company for forty-five minutes per dance.

What dance style is performed?
All types of dances are performed ranging from ballet, pointe, jazz, hip-hop, tap, modern, and any new styles.

Is there any dance background necessary to become a member?
A little dance background is necessary for tryouts since we base our judging on technique and ability.

What are practices like?
There are twenty-five minutes of cardiovascular work, which consists of running, lifting small weights, stretching, and pilates. Then some combinations across the floor and center work. The rest of the time is used to work on the company routines.

How many members are on the team?
The limit to our team is twenty-four dancers, which usually depends on the scores. Due to practice space, we like to keep the numbers down to around eighteen.

What if I have to miss dance because of class?
Class is always more important than dance. If dance class is missed because of a study session or class, you can always ask a member on the company to teach you what you have missed so you can catch up for the next practice.

What are performances like?
There is one show in the fall on a Friday night and two shows in the spring on Friday and Saturday nights. There are usually eight to twelve dances performed, each of which you choose to be in.