In its 29th year, the Augustana Dance Company continues to thrill audiences with its delicate moves, fabulous lifts, and energetic routines. The company was founded in 1982 with only eight members and today eighteen of Augustana's students are on stage to perform with the Company. Performances draw huge crowds to fill Augustana's largest auditorium, Centennial Hall. This company does its best to expose the campus and community to the artistic world of dance and gives dancers and opportunity to learn and grow in their performance of dance. Practices take place four times a week in the new Dance Studio, located between Westerlin Dormitory and the PepsiCo Recreation Center. The company holds auditions once a year during the first weeks of fall term and performs two shows annually. All the pieces performed are choreographed by students in the Company. Dance styles include ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, tap, pointe, and any new styles: we are always open to new ideas. Any interested students can contact sponsors Margaret Ellis or Presidents Rachel Shipley and Colleen Hickey

Practice Times