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Student Advocates for Awareness of Refugee & Immigration Issues

Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be SAFARI.
Article II: Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to educate, advocate, and serve our campus and local community with concerns to refugee and immigration issues. Students will gain awareness and understanding of the importance of supporting fair and humane policies for all immigrants and refugees.
Article III: Membership
Section I: Membership will be composed of any Augustana student who expresses an interest in promoting education and awareness of refugee and immigration issues.
Section 2: To be deemed an “active member”, one must attend 75% of all meetings and group activities.
Article IV: Executive Committee
Executive Committee shall consist of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.
Article V: Duties of Executive Board
Section 1: President The duties of the president shall be to serve as presiding officer at all meetings and oversee the functions of all other executive committee members.
Section 2: Vice-President The duties of the vice-president shall be to perform all presidential functions in the absence of the president and to serve as the activities organizer.
Section 3: Treasurer The duties of the treasurer shall be to keep a record of all financial transactions and make financial reports at meetings.
Section 4: Secretary The duties of the secretary shall be to keep attendance at meetings, group activities and an official record of all active members.
Article VI: Elections
Section 1: Pre-requisites for Offices
1) The pre-requisite for someone to run for president: Must be an active member for at least two terms prior to election.
2) The pre-requisite for someone to run for vice-president: Must have been an active member for the term prior to election.
Section 2: Election Process Nominations for all offices for the next year shall be made at the meeting that takes place during the seventh week of the spring term. Members will be elected to office if they receive the majority of the votes cast by the members present. The votes shall be secret ballot, to be counted by the president, except for the election of the president in which case; the vice-president shall count the votes. (In the event that the president is running for the vice-president, the faculty advisor shall count the votes.) The officers for the next year shall meet with the current executive board during the ninth week of the spring term.
Article VII: Faculty Sponsor
The duties of the faculty sponsor shall be the liaison between the administration and the group.
Article VIII: Dues
Members are not held responsible for paying dues.
Article IX: Amendments
The constitution may be amended in the following way:

1. A proposal to change the constitution must be brought forth at a regular meeting by an active member.
2. The secretary must send a copy of the proposed amendment to all active members and inform the members of the date at which the amendment will be voted on.
3. The proposed amendment may be voted on at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
4. In order for a proposed amendment to be ratified, a 2/3 majority of present active members must vote for the amendment. The president shall be in charge of counting the votes and overseeing the voting. The president does not vote unless there is a tie, in which case the president’s vote will determine the outcome.