“We, the Black students of Augustana College, in recognition of our cultural heritage, do through our alliance within the Black Student Union, provide an outward expression to our common uniting factors of pride, unity, and brotherhood as members of the Black race.

Realizing our various responsibilities to ourselves as a united body of Black students, we will extend ourselves in effort to discredit the stereotypes made against us, and alleviate the ignorance of Augustana white population regarding the Black American Experience. We will educate Augustana and the community with a new or better understanding of the history of the Black American and his present plight and struggles.”

“All students, faculty, alumni, and residents of Rock Island, are welcome to attend our BSU events. This includes activities both on and off campus. These events include; everything you see on this site.” –The membership of the B.S.U.  

The Black Student Union meets every Monday from 7-8:00p.m.
at the Black Culture House.