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Alumni Class Newsletter


Early this morning (5:30, as crazy as it seems) I was working out at the fitness center in Rock Island thinking about my class letter that is to be turned in to the development office next week. I thought that I would take a walk through campus and look for some things that you might be interested in such as updates on campus life, construction projects, and/or interview students or staff. Then I had the idea that I would bring a camera along and take some pictures and make them available on my Smugmug Internet account so that you could see for yourself campus happenings. This evolved to making the pictures available on the Augustana web site. Thanks to the help of the development office staff and the web site techies, I think that it’s ready for your viewing. I hope that you enjoy my top 10 list of campus happenings! (I started out with over 100 pictures).

As you view these pictures of my walk through campus today, I hope you feel a sense of connection to Augustana College. On behalf of all the faculty, staff, and students who benefit from your personal contributions, I say, “thanks”! Won’t you continue to keep Augustana College and all that it is doing now, and, for all that it will do for generations to come, a priority? I know that you will find your personal commitment and financial contributions well spent.

Yours truly,
Bob Blew


Click on the images below to view a larger version and to read what Bob saw at each stop on his walk.