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Facilities Services


The Facilities Services Department is responsible for the Structural, Mechanical, Grounds, and Electrical upkeep of the Augustana College campus, as well as Recycling, Vehicle Rentals, Parking Permits, and general Building Services. We are located on the ground floor of Sorensen Hall.

Contact Trisha Hines, Secretary
Phone (309) 794-7278
Fax (309) 794-3374
Hours 8am - 4:30pm, Mon-Fri

Our Mission...

is to provide superior service to our customers by utilizing the talent and tools we have at our disposal. To achieve this goal we must perform quality work and communicate in a timely and effective manner with our customers. Only through the combination of quality work and timely communications before, during and after the work is performed can we expect to provide the superior service that the Facilities Services holds as its standard.

Personnel and Contact Information:

Joe Scifo Director 309-794-7374
David Baker Manager 309-794-7802
Bob Tomich Receiving Clerk 309-794-7508
Debbie Finkle Account Coordinator 309-794-7840
Trisha Hines Secretary 309-794-7278
Bill Fineran Manager of Central Receiving 309-794-7547
Deb Lloyd Building Services Residential Supervisor 309-794-8991
Mario Magadan Building Services/Academic Supervisor 309-794-8991
Diana Kavanaugh Building Services Associate 309-794-7634
Ed Skelton Special Services 309-794-7546
Brett Stabler Auto Mechanic 309-794-8115
Mark Steiger Grounds Supervisor 309-794-7495
Jeff Dellitt Botanical Manager 309-794-8118
Bill Estes Athletic Fields Manager 309-794-8117
Randy Parker Structural Supervisor 309-794-7164
Jay Wilke Electrical Maintenance Supervisor 309-794-7163
John Peters Life Safety Coordinator 309-794-7714