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Support the Campaign

EFT is a safe, simple, convenient, and no-cost approach to the good habit of supporting Augustana. Benefits include:

  • You will be able to budget your giving over 12 months and determine your personal monthly or quarterly giving plan (minimum $10 each transaction).
  • EFT, like any banking transaction, is regulated by federal agencies. You designate the amount and frequency of the transactions.
  • You will receive only one solicitation for The Augustana Fund per year, when we will offer you the opportunity to change your gift amount.
  • You won't forget to give and lose your place on the Honor Roll of Donors.
  • You will allow Augustana to use your gift more effectively by helping us save on expenses.
  • Questions? Call 800-798-8100 x7202.

Click to initiate this donor-friendly method of supporting your alma mater.