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Capital Projects: Old Main

Old Main is the one building that links every living Augustana graduate, making it a priority that it not only survive, but also thrive well into the future. How appropriate that, among the repairs and renovations, a forum will be restored to a building where the power of the written and spoken word presides.

Old Main resonates and brings forth thoughts of stability and guidance—a true companion, like Old Yeller. It is the grandfather of campus buildings, and we expect its presence every single day of our college experience. One's entire schedule might linger in its hallways, with mornings spent sipping a disposable cup of coffee while jotting down notes from a professor. Or it serves as the background to a game of Frisbee, a nap on the soft grass under the hot sun, a walk over to the College Center for a bite to eat. It lacks the newest technology, yet no one can deny its charm and appeal. Countless students have passed in and out of its doors, gaining knowledge and wisdom….

For me, an Augustana without Old Main becomes any old campus—one with the essentials of academia, but no collective identity. Students need a sanctuary, a place that feels like home, where the focus is their own growth and development, where they are free to dream and question alongside peers. Old Main is just a building, but what it encourages within each of us becomes a priceless gift.

- Julia Hogren '08

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