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Capital Projects: Swanson Commons

Trustee Duane R. Swanson had a vision to eliminate the campus housing shortage with a first-class residence that builds community among its residents. Swanson Commons now graces a main entryway to campus and, together with the new Parkander Residence Center, provides Transitional Living Area (TLA) apartments for all Augustana juniors.

Rebecca Cook liked living in Andreen Hall her first couple of years on campus. The building was connected with the college's history. But now that she's a community advisor and living in a TLA apartment in Swanson Commons, her responsibility for her living environment has developed along with her academic goals. Her sense of independence at home and confidence in class just reinforce each other. As a community advisor in her TLA wing of Swanson, she helps plan floor programs for her neighboring students. Having a common living area and kitchen are ideal for community gatherings. Of course, as an advisor living in a TLA, she's had to become a more responsible adult. Besides planning events for residents on her floor, she maintains her TLA as a model for the community. She appreciates Augustana's residential life program, which encourages students to develop day-to-day life skills through a gradual transition-from living in the residence halls with full dining services, to living in TLA apartments and budgeting finances. Next year, she'll look for an apartment with friends out in the neighborhoods around campus, and she'll be ready.

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