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Types of Gifts

Each donor designates the purpose of his or her gift to Augustana. There are three types of gifts donors may select:

Unrestricted Gifts

  • Allow the college to direct the financial resources to areas of greatest need
  • Allow the college to address its priorities and new challenges effectively

Designated Gifts

  • Donors choose to direct their gifts to areas of special concern for them
  • Provide a "margin of excellence" within a particular discipline

Endowment Gifts

  • Uniquely capable of having a lasting impact far into the future
  • Endowments are maintained permanently
  • A portion of the endowment investment return is used as the donor specifies
  • The rest is invested so the endowment principal maintains its value over time, and is used to meet the priority needs of the college on an annual basis
  • Gifts bear the name of the donor or others whom the donor specifies
  • Can be used as a memorial or tribute to a friend or loved one

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