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Augustana announces trimester-to-semester transition guarantee

January  13, 2017

Augustana College will transition from a trimester schedule to a semester schedule in the fall of 2019. The college's Board of Trustees voted to accept the recommendation from the college's faculty in October 2016.  

"Switching to a semester calendar offers significant advantages to the students and college as a whole," said Dr. Pareena Lawrence, provost and dean of the college. "We will be able to collaborate with more colleges on programs, attract a larger number of transfer students and increase efficiencies that will save more than a million dollars each year."  

Augustana's leaders are confident the transition will go well, and as proof the college is offering a guarantee.  

"All of us at Augustana will keep the best interest of students in mind," said Dr. Lawrence. "We will ensure students lose no credits or coursework during the transition."

The graduation timetable to earn a degree will remain unchanged for students who begin in the trimester system and finish under the semester calendar.  

All students who start between Fall 2016 and Spring 2019 will work with their advisors to create an academic plan that will allow them to complete their Augustana degree within four years. For the guarantee to apply, students must make satisfactory progress towards their degree before and after the transition, and follow the plan they create with their advisor.

Augustana has long had a high four-year graduation rate, and has offered a four-year graduation agreement since 2012.    

Sam Schlouch
Senior Communication Director
(309) 794-7833