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Hispanic Film Festival Jan. 11-Feb. 8

January  09, 2017

Augustana College will present its 22nd annual Hispanic Film Festival Jan. 11-Feb. 8, part of the International Film Series.

Films will begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays in room 102 of Hanson Hall. The films are free and open to the public. For information, contact Dr. Jeanneth Vázquez, 309-794-7670.

Jan. 11: Libertador (The Liberator), Venezuela

IMDb description: "Simon Bolivar fought over 100 battles against the Spanish Empire in South America. He rode over 70,000 miles on horseback. His military campaigns covered twice the territory of Alexander the Great. His army never conquered -- it liberated." (119 minutes, rated R.)

Directed by Alberto Arvelo, "Libertador" was nominated for the Cine Latino Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2015.

Jan. 18: Buscando a Gastón (Finding Gaston), Peru

IMDb description: "There are many great chefs around the world. Only one is considered to be a National hero. Meet chef Gaston Acurio and follow him in a journey to find out the stories, the inspirations and the dreams behind the man that has taken his cuisine outside the kitchen in a mission to change his country with food." (80 minutes, not rated.)Directed by Patricia Perez, "Buscando a Gastón" was best film at the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Official Selection of both the Miami International Film Festival and NYC Food Film Festival.

Jan. 25: Blancanieves (Snow White), España

IMDb description: "A band of bullfighting dwarfs save the life of a young woman with amnesia. They end up taking her under their wing when they find out that she has seemingly natural skills as a bullfighter. As she does not know her name or background, the dwarfs coin her Blancanieves, after the famed fairy tale. What they are all unaware of is that she is really Carmen, the daughter of the once great matador, Antonio Villalta." (104 minutes, rated PG-13.)

Directed by Pablo Berger, "Blancanieves" won Best Film at the 2013 Goya Awards, Best Film at the Premios Forqué, and was nominated for the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film.

Feb. 1: El Club (The Club), Chile

IMDb description: "Four catholic priests, now excommunicated, share a secluded house in a small coastal house of Chile where they are are supposed to atone for their sins. Their quiet routine, placed under the supervision of Mother Monica, is disturbed by the coming of a fifth man. The newcomer, a pedophile, appears as a most unwelcome reminder of their own tainted lives." (98 minutes, rated R.)

Directed by Pablo Larraín, "El Club" was nominated for the 2016 Golden Globes.

Feb. 8: Elefante blanco (White Elephant), Argentina

IMDb description: "Julian and Nicolas, two priests and long-standing friends, work tirelessly to help the local people of a shantytown in Buenos Aires. Nicolas joins Julian to oversee the construction of a hospital following the failure of a project he was leading in the jungle. Deeply troubled, Nicolas finds a little comfort in Luciana, a young, attractive, atheist social worker. As Nicolas' faith weakens, tension and violence between the slum drug dealing cartels grow." (105 minutes, rated R.)

Directed by Pablo Trapero, "Elefante blanco" won Best Film at the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science of Argentina in 2012.