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Augustana allows students to self-report their ACT/SAT scores

October  10, 2016

Beginning this fall, Augustana College will allow applicants to self-report their standardized test scores for consideration during the admission process. This will allow faster completion of application files, which will cut down on the wait time between completing an application for admission and receiving a decision from the college.  

"Allowing self-reporting of test scores will allow students who may not have the resources to obtain official ACT or SAT score reports for their full list of schools to complete their application to Augustana," said Kent Barnds, executive vice president and vice president of enrollment, communication and planning.  

"Augustana looks to be even more accessible to students from all economic backgrounds, and to out-of-state students, who might have different ACT or SAT timelines," he said. This is one way we hope will do just that."  

Various colleges and universities already have similar successful programs for applicants. Students who choose to self-report then submit their official scores directly from the testing agency once they are admitted to the college and decide to enroll.

Sam Schlouch
Senior Communication Director
(309) 794-7833