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Augustana to host ecological research meeting

June  16, 2014

Augustana College will host the Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN) annual meeting from Wednesday, June 25, to Friday, June 27. Seventy members of EREN will gather to discuss how to better conduct research, how to involve students in the ecological sciences, and to share their results.

EREN is a relatively new organization emphasizing student-faculty research in environmental biology at primarily undergraduate institutions. The network was founded by a group of professors from such schools after receiving a grant from the National Science Foundation. EREN believes that the most pressing questions in ecology and environmental sciences can be best addressed through the use of multiple sites and coordinated data collection.

"Augustana's biology department is well represented in the local EREN programs, including Kevin Geedey's leaf decomposition study, Tim Muir's turtle population work, Steve Hager's study of bird-window collisions and my own permanent forest plot project," said Dr. Bohdan Dziadyk, professor of biology and director of field stations.

On June 27, participants in the annual meeting will have the opportunity to travel to two of Augustana's environmental laboratories — Collinson Ecological Preserve in Milan and the Beling Ecological Preserve on the north shore of the Rock River in Moline — to learn more about Augustana's participation in EREN research.

For more information, contact Dr. Bohdan Dziadyk.

Sam Schlouch
Senior Communication Director
(309) 794-7833