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Genesius Guild, Opera @ Augustana to present 'Die Fledermaus'

June  10, 2014

Genesius Guild and Opera @ Augustana will present the Strauss opera, "Die Fledermaus" on June 14, 15, 21 and 22. Admission is free and all shows start at 8 p.m. in Lincoln Park, 1120 40th St., Rock Island. The performance includes a live orchestra, music and dance.

This opera is directed by John Pfautz of Opera @ Augustana and conducted by Brian Dollinger, the conductor of the Muscatine and Clinton symphonies. Opera @ Augustana brings together performers and musicians from the region.  The cast includes several voice faculty from Augustana, including Angela Hand as Rosalinde and Michelle Crouch as Adele. The production features a 28-piece orchestra, including players from the Quad City Symphony.

Genesius Guild is a community theatre organization located in the Quad Cities specializing in free classical drama. Founded in 1956, the group performs Greek drama, Greek comedy, the works of Shakespeare, and other classics every weekend throughout the summer. See the full season schedule at

"Die Fledermaus" is Johann Strauss II's most popular opera. It is a series of disguises and deceptions, all of which center on a practical joke — one which is repayment for an earlier one.  

Gabriel von Eisenstein has to spend a few days in jail for insulting a government official. His friend, Falke suggests that he go first to a party without telling his wife. Eisenstein once led a drunken Falke home from a costume party in broad daylight, dressed as a bat (fledermaus). As as a revenge, Falke plans a series of deceptions at Prince Orloksky's party that evening, involving Eisenstein's wife, Rosalinde and her maid, Adele.  

Alfred, Roselinde's former lover, complicates things by showing up after Eisenstein leaves. Franke, the jailer  comes to the house to take Eisenstein to jail and mistakes Alfred for him, as he has put on one of Eisendown's dressing gowns and is wooing Roselinde. He reluctantly goes to jail in Eisenstein's place to save Roselinde's honor.  

In Act Two, Eisenstein and Falke attend Prince Orlofsky's party, Adele shows up in disguise, as does Roselinde and things quickly become complicated as Eisenstein woos his wife, thinking she is a Hungarian countess.  

In Act Three, Eisenstein finally arrives at the jail, only to discover that he supposedly is already there. He pretends to be his own lawyer. Everybody at the party comes to the jail to unravel the disguises and enjoy a laugh at Eisenstein's expense. Falke delights in the fact his friend has been made to look a fool. All are forgiven — it is the champagne which is at fault!

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