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Seniors review Internet math talks

May  19, 2014

Augustana students in math wrote for the the American Mathematical Society Graduate Student Blog as part of their Senior Inquiry experience this year.

"A new crop of math majors is stepping off campus and into the next phases of life. Some go to industry, some into teaching, and some into graduate school. Along any of these paths, one way to continue learning is to watch talks about and using mathematics.

"Here are interesting math talks that have been extended by further literature research by graduating seniors."

The math and magic of origami (Jake Gaier)

Peter Donnelly: Shows how stats fool juries (Jerod Bernicky)

Why Smart Statistics are the Key to Fighting Crime (Johnathan Burch)

Fractals and Roughness (Benjamin Knapper)

Algorithmic Architecture (Logan Kruse)

Applying Fractal Geometry to Antenna Design (Kevin Hodge)

Approaching Complex Problems Using Large Scale Estimation (Grant Halter)

Questions in Response to Sean Gourley’s: The Mathematics of War (Erik Westerberg)

Stock Market Indicators (Sean Mulholland)

Mathematical Music (Natalie Viscariello)

Identifying Parkinson’s Disease Through a Phone Call (Nick Tenerelli)

Andrew Ng: Neural Networks and Machine Learning (Cooper Melgreen)

Fibonacci Numbers (Jonathan Waite)

Hyperbolic Planes Made from Balloons and Crocheting? (Sara Fitzgerald)

The Algorithmic Stock Exchange Takeover (Isaac Trostle)

Are Cities and Corporations Structured by Math? (Tyler Busch)

Modeling London Rioters and Human Behavior (Jay Graffagna)