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Greek group helps troops and honors veteran alumnus

April  25, 2014

cross the line for devine

To raise funds for military personnel injured in the line of duty, Augustana students will host the annual Cross the Line for Devine event from noon-5 p.m. on Saturday, May 10, at Austin E. Knowlton Outdoor Athletic Complex. The event will feature wheelchair relay races, free food and entertainment.

Cross the Line for Devine is in honor of Adam Devine, an Augustana alumnus who lost his legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2011. This is the third year the Beta Omega Sigma fraternity is hosting the event, with each year adding more participants and donations.

Last year at Augustana, the participants raised over $5,000 to help military families.

The profits from the event will go to Operation Helping Hand, an organization that aids those have been through similar tragedies and who have family members being treated at the James A. Haley hospital in Tampa Bay, Fla.

“Our fraternity was founded by veterans; we have a lot of alumni that are veterans; and a lot of us, myself included, have either family members or close friends in the military,” said Michael Curry, a member of Beta Omega Sigma fraternity and a leader for this event.

Curry recognizes the importance of the event to the student body. “The event brings awareness to the school of the sacrifices our service men and women make.”

Sam Schlouch
Senior Communication Director
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