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Augustana introduces co-curricular transcript

April  08, 2014

Associate dean Kristin Douglas explains the co-curricular transcript.

Students routinely discover peak moments beyond the classroom at Augustana, and they now have a way to track those experiences.

Through the co-curricular transcript, which debuted at the start of spring term, students can record co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with the college’s verification.

Just as official academic transcripts keep track of what happens in terms of traditional classroom learning, this transcript will help track the learning that happens outside the classroom.

Students will use the co-curricular transcripts when applying for jobs or graduate schools to showcase their participation and leadership in everything from music programs and athletic teams to student government and volunteer experiences.

“For Augustana students, some of the most meaningful and enriching experiences happen outside the classroom,” explained Provost Dr. Pareena Lawrence. “At a residential liberal arts college, we recognize growth, learning and maturity don’t come solely through academic experiences.”

In a modern, competitive world, Provost Lawrence feels it’s important to point out how much students learn through the hundreds of co-curricular opportunities Augustana offers.

“An important part of the Augustana experience comes in ways that online classes or even some large research universities just don’t offer,” she said.

“Our expectation is that our students will use their co-curricular transcripts to reflect upon and articulate the personal growth and development they have experienced while at Augustana.”

She believes those who used the co-curricular transcript will make an even stronger case for admission to a graduate program or as they are interviewing for careers.

“It’s not necessarily something that students will print and turn in with their résumés — it’s something they will set alongside their résumés, along with the cover letters,” explained Liesl Fowler, alumna, registrar and assistant dean of the college. “No matter how much experience students have inside and outside the classrooms, Augustana wants to help them capture that.”

Fowler hopes to see all students using the co-curricular transcript. “It is there for every student. It’s a statement about Augustana’s commitment to help students build their records from the first day they get here, and to succeed beyond Augustana,” she said.

The college is rolling out this new tool for students as it begins to implement a new strategic plan — Augustana 2020. One goal of the plan states the college will “connect the distinctive aspects and outcomes of an integrated residential college experience to what is most valuable for success in life after college by ensuring that all students combine an individualized set of curricular, co- and extra-curricular experiences that maximizes their educational development and success in college and provides superior preparation for life after college.”

Beginning next fall, and also in alignment with the strategic plan, students will have the opportunity to earn a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Development while attending Augustana. Work is underway on a new signature program for the college related to career placement, an even more effective advising program and ePortfolios.

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