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Grad's animation transforms into Super Bowl ad

January  31, 2014

Chin's Heinz Super Bowl ad come to life

In the eight months he’s been at Animated Storyboards in Chicago, Jeff Chin ’10 saw his first animated demo fully realized as a live-action TV commercial earlier this month.

But it was his second success that left him truly elated.

His handiwork will be on display for a Super Bowl audience estimated by Forbes to exceed 111 million viewers.

“I was ecstatic,” Chin said. “I just found out when the video was posted to YouTube (on Thursday).”

The video is a 50-second version of a Heinz ketchup spot titled, “Hum.” It's scheduled to air during Sunday night's Super Bowl on FOX.

Jeff Chin '10

Chin, originally from Prospect Heights, holds the title of director at Animated Storyboards. He works with sketch artists to animate an advertising agency’s concept for a TV commercial by creating 3-D characters and sets.

Animated Storyboards typically sends an average of six animated demo versions on to a live-action production firm, where one is chosen as the basis for what eventually appears on TV.

“It’s totally out of our control,” Chin said. ““It was very cool to see how similar it was to the structure I created, the composition of the shots, the characters, the settings.”

At Augustana, Chin majored in communication studies and minored in art. After graduation, he worked as a web designer at Deere & Company before seeking out more creative outlets. He completed a six-month program at the Vancouver Film School studying animation before returning to Chicagoland.

“I probably owe it all to the variety of experiences at Augustana,” Chin said. “I flip-flopped majors a bunch of times, but I got a strong art and design background.”

Chin worked as part of the Web Guild under Doug Tschopp and as a production assistant in the Office of Communication and Marketing. He also did an independent study with art professor Peter Xiao that focused on comic book drawing.

Musically, Chin played bass in a jazz combo and for the gospel choir as well as sang with the Wennerberg Men’s Chorus.