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Four Years Project will document student experience

November  01, 2013

Meet the Four Years students

By Andrew Petersen

Every student at Augustana has a story to tell, and that’s something we in the college’s Office of Communication and Marketing try to keep in mind. Using everything from postcards to our viewbook to social media, we try to share those stories with alumni, prospective students and the broader community.

Sometimes these stories are compelling examples of the variety of student experiences. A one-liner here, a 90-second video there. It’s worthwhile, no doubt, but ultimately, those are just snippets of the four years that shape our students.

We’ve felt for a while that we needed to provide something more complete, more sustaining. So today, Augustana launches what we’re calling the Four Years Project.

Project blog on Tumblr

Eight first-year students will open their collective residence hall, classroom and extracurricular doors to share what it’s like to be a student at Augie. The group will provide insight into campus life through their own eyes via Tumblr blogs. We will supplement that with photos, videos and stories, which will also be linked to via Twitter.

And we’ll do that with these eight students for the next four years.

They’re a great bunch and offer a ton of different perspectives. They’re from the Chicago suburbs, rural Illinois, Wisconsin and right here in Rock Island. Some are athletes, some musicians and one who’s both. One is neither but is interested in becoming a psychologist with the CIA and came to Augustana with her twin brother.

I think they will be successful at Augustana, but they know it won’t be a breeze. When things are tough in and out of class, they’ll share what that’s like. When things are great, they’ll share that as well.

It will be fascinating for these students to look back at their well-documented experiences four years from now. My hope is that those who follow along find the journey equally compelling.

Andrew Petersen is the assistant director of Web Services and oversees the Augustana Video Bureau.