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Why college students care about world news

August  29, 2013

Dr. Klien's interview starts at the 3:40 mark in the segment.

Dr. Stephen Klien, professor of communication studies, was interviewed by KWQC TV6 Tuesday on how social media make it easier for young people to get informed on the events in Syria and the Middle East, and why students of college age are more interested in world news than ever before.

He pointed out that younger people are more interested in world news because they are potentially of age to serve in a military capacity, and they are aware of the prospect of another war in the Middle East.

"Not only are younger people going to be more active news consumers, they going to be participants in the process of public discussion," he said.

"It's not speculation without evidence as we had in the case of Iraq. This is something that's real, so if this generation is facing the prospect of going to war, it's not just going to be war in a place like Iraq or Afghanistan — that's horrible enough — but we know that chemical weapons are in the equation...  so this is going to escalate the anxiety level much more so than previous conflicts.
"Syria provides the possible scenario where we might actually get involved in another large scale war in the Middle East."