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Photos: Final stage of CSL construction

Construction of the Center for Student Life is in its final phase, with much of the remaining work focused on the dining hall. These photos offer a glimpse of how things are shaping up and an idea of what's to come. The CSL is set to fully open in August.

Brew view of the deck on the south side.
The grand staircase from the fourth to fifth floors. The extension of "main street."
The view of main street from the Brew.
View of entry to the dining center from below on the fourth floor.
The framework for the fireplace.
Entry to the multipurpose room.
View of the opening between fourth and fifth floors.
This amazing contraption is the new dishwasher and conveyer system.
The view from the dining area to the bakery.
One of many food stations.
Fifth-floor dining space, looking west.
Fifth floor dining area looking east toward the two story fireplace.
Mechanical room is above everything (view from a ladder).
This air-handling unit is tractor-trailer sized.
The mechanical room is a marvel. Brian says it's among to most impressive and complicated in the region. Look at all those valves and other stuff.
View over one food station into the older section of the building, which will be a main seating area.
View looking out onto the quad.
Another food station.
The view from where the dining counters will be on the fifth floor. This area will include bartop seating so students can grab a bite and a enjoy the view.
That's the pizza oven.