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Vázquez-Valarezo Poetry Award winners announced

May  01, 2013

Rebecca Black, left, and Bao Bai Lee.

The Women's and Gender Studies Program has announced the winners of the 15th annual Vázquez-Valarezo Poetry Award.

Rebecca Black won first place for "Alkali Metals in Camelot" and second place for "I believe complete in atoms and prayer." Bao Bai Lee won third place for "What I See."

Judges were poets Erin Bertram and Farah Marklevits, adjunct instructors in English.

The award is sponsored by Dr. Jeanneth Vázquez, professor of Spanish and department chair. Winners receive a small monetary award and a certificate of recognition.  

The award is named in honor of two educators, the late Honorato Vazquez and the late Angelica Valarezo, writers who worked in the field of education in Ecuado of 35 years.

"They were a source of great inspiration to me," said Dr. Vázquez. "They began reading poetry to me even before I was able to read and write. I could not think of a better way of honoring their memory than naming the award after them."

The award is given annually to the best submission on a theme related to women. In addition to recognizing excellence, the award is designed to encourage student poets to submit their work for consideration.

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