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Ethics Essay Contest winners announced

April  24, 2013

Dr. Dan Lee of the Augustana Center for the Study of Ethics has announced the winners of the 2013 Ethics Essay Contest.

The winners and the titles of their essays:

First place: Mark Farrell, "Regeneration: The Future of Medicine"
Second place: Isaac Lauritsen, "The War on Terrorism and the End of Human Rights"
Third place: Anna Groebe, "A Change in Policy: The Ethics of the Embargo Against Cuba"

Honorable mention:

Jessica Friedel, "Outsourcing is Not the Bogeyman"
Madison Logan, "Spanking in Love — A Contrary Response to the Research"
Stephanie Lorr, "Inclusive (Dual Immersion) Education for the Hearing and Deaf"

First-, second- and third-place winners were award $100, $50, and $25, respectively. The winners will be recognized at the Celebration of Learning May 4.

This year was the eighth annual contest and 39 essays were submitted — a record number.

The outside evaluator who reads the essays and selects the winners, commented, "As always this is a VERY difficult decision to make. There are MANY papers deserving of recognition. You have every reason to be proud of the work you are doing." 

Essays were judged on the basis of clarity, appropriate use of ethical ideas, theories and principles in addressing and clarifying the topic; depth, insight and creativity of analysis; thoughtfulness and plausibility of supporting arguments for position taken.

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Senior Communication Director
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