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Contest shows that men can iron

The He-Man Ironing Contest at the Tredway Library last week was inspired by the current exhibit there, "Burning Truths: A Woman's Work," which shows images of female Catholic saints burned into wooden ironing boards. Faculty and students were invited to compete and prove that men can iron. Judges Dr. Sharon Varallo and Pastor Kristen Glass-Perez chose junior Kenny Clay as the best ironer and Dr. Chuck Hyser as the fastest ironer.First-year Daniel Andon won the people's choice award. All contestants walked away with a Newman's Own organic chocolate bar. (Augustana Photo Bureau/Angelica Lindqvist'16)

Junior Kenny Clay was the best ironer.
Professor Randall Hall.
Professor Hyser with his fans.
Daniel Andon won the people's choice award.
Contestant junior Ben Humber.
Sharon Varallo inspects the entries.