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Business Day offers practical benefits

April  10, 2013

Augustana College has been hosting Business Day, where students connect with potential employers, for 37 years. And every year, organizers say, the benefits become more apparent to both businesses and students.

“In any profession, networking to make connections is imperative to success within an industry,” said Anna Letendre ’13, one of the student co-chairs of the event. Students gain insight about different careers, she said, and companies are always looking for interns and sometimes full-time employees.

This year, Business Day at Augustana College on April 19 will bring 50 companies together with about 125 students, making it one of the area’s largest networking and job-shadowing events.

The keynote speaker, Mike Passananti ’03, is an Augustana graduate who now practices law in Chicago, representing clients including NFL football players. Passananti remembers job-shadowing with a local bank on Business Day when he was a student. “I’ve been out in the business world for a while now,” Passananti said. “I’ve seen all walks of academic life, and my experience at Augustana really stands out. I want to impress students with that idea, that they have an advantage, a very different skill set, just by virtue of attending a school like Augustana.”

The college is emphasizing real-world experience with Business Day, said Karen Petersen in Augustana’s Department of Business Administration. “For students, we really see the value of the face-to-face interaction, especially as the world is becoming more technology focused,” she said. “The students sit across the table and look them in the eye. That’s becoming a very valuable skill.”

The day begins with a catered breakfast where students and company representatives can meet before heading out for a day of job shadowing at company offices. Participating companies this year comprise a comprehensive list of employers in the Quad Cities, including banks, accounting and law firms, engineering firms, restaurants, government agencies, hospitals, retailers and equipment manufacturers.

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