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95% of our new graduates are employed or in grad school within a year.

Ben Heaton already has his first post-grad job in accounting.

Genevieve Conrath is one of three grads with jobs at Network Services. Brooke Randazzo is going into a master's program in experimental psychology. Manisha Kumar will attend the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.  

Organizations expect 40% of new hires to come from internships in their companies.*

Emma Baldwin's zoo internship cinched it.

Kevin Waibel is an accounting major interning with Deloitte LLP financial services.


Our student-athletes shine on the field and in the classroom.**

Gianna Pecora (basketball) used Augie Choice for her physical therapy career. Rachel Lenke (soccer) spent three weeks in Brazil on a research project. Sarah Williams (volleyball) is going to get a master’s in speech-language pathology.        

We're in the top 40 baccalaureate colleges for number of students studying abroad.***

Hilary Timmerman found a new major on East Asia Term.

Queenie Ho will study biological anthropology on a scholarship in the UK.

Greg Patton will plan take the World Race, a mission trip to 11 countries


87% of our recent grads got into their first and/or second choice of grad schools.

Kate McCormick is headed to Yale Divinity School.

Alicia Oken is excited by her choices for journalism graduate school.

Doug Peters is bound for the doctorate program in microbiology at the University of Colorado-Boulder


Our grads make twice the gains in critical thinking as other students.****

Tyrrell Jeffries found out he could take on more challenge than he thought.

Corbin McGhee majored in music and neuroscience!

Anna Groebe explores in-depth the issues that she studies in language and religion.

Gina Balestri brought WWII alive with her research presentation.


Augie Choice: $2,000 for each student to use for an internship, travel or research

Angela Conte presented her research at a psychology conference in New York.

Meredith Skala says her peak experience was a study abroad to Cambodia.

Sarahbeth Jones used Augie Choice for an internship that's "extremely useful" on her résumé.


*2011 survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers
**Augustana is #6 in the nation, #2 in NCAA Division III, and #1 in our conference for the number of Academic All-Americans among our athletes.
***IIE Open Doors (Institute of International Education)
****Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education, 2013