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Thrivent Choice

The Thrivent Choice® program lets members recommend where some of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans' charitable outreach funds go by directing Choice Dollars. Thrivent members who directed their Thrivent Choice dollars to Augustana College are listed in this Honor Roll of Donors.

Miss Ellen Abrahamson
Mrs. Jenny Afable
Ms. Carolyn Ahrens
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Albright
Mrs. Ethel Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Anderson
Reverend and Mrs. Robert L. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Anttila
Donna Gord Arbaugh
Mr. and Ms. Jared Ashland
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bagby
Ms. Suzanne Ballek
Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. Barney
Mrs. Lorraine Beckmann
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Bell, Jr.
Dr. Thomas Bengtson
Reverend and Mrs. Ronald C. Bennett
Dr. Jon Berntsen
Miss Carol M. Bickham
Mrs. Bonnie Black
Mrs. Jennifer Blohm
Mr. and Mrs. John Blue
Mr. Loran Bohman
Miss Gwen J. Boje
Dr. Kirsten Borg
Mrs. Treva Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Breczinski
Robert and Carol Shannon Brockhouse
Ms. Ann Bruhn
Mrs. Maxine Bultynck
Shannon Burington-Whitt
Belva Burmeister
Mrs. Donna J. Busching
Miss Cheryl L. Bussert
Mr. and Ms. Tracy Butler
Mr. William Byar
Mr. Bernard Camponeschi
Ms. Carita Carlson
Reverend David Carlson
Ingrid Carlson
Mr. Ronald Carlson
Mr. James Ceithaml
Reverend and Mrs. Robert A. Chalstrom
Rev. W. Marvin Chellberg
Mr. Walter Chellberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Church
Dr. Karyn Cihak
Mr. and Mrs. John Clark
L. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Cook
Neil and Julie Cooperrider
Mr. Donald Coordes
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cornwell
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Creager
Mr. Phillip Cressler
Mr and Mrs. David Tooredman
Kathleen Davis
Robert Deross
Mr. Robert Dollinger
Mr. Eric Dreher
Dr. Andrew Edwards
Mr. Richard Edwards
Mrs. Myrtle Engstrom
Mr. and Mrs. F. Glen Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ewan
Patricia Fester
Roger and Debby Fischer
Linda, Arthur and Laura Fischer
Joseph and Carol Friberg
James Frick
William Gaeth
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giron
Ronald Godsen
Richard Jensen and Beth Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. Cary A. Gramsch
Ms. Carolyn Green
Reverend and Mrs. Donald E. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grim
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Gunderson
Mr. Carl Gustafson
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Gustafson
Mrs. Melissa Haak
Reverend and Mrs. Donald M. Hallberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Hansen
Mr. Norman Hansmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hayden
Reverend and Mrs. Paul L. Hayes
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Hemke
Mr. Richard Hemmila
Ms. Susan Henderson
William Henderson
Dr. Dale Herbeck
Mr. Christopher Hill
Mrs. Arleen Hitchcock
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Hodge
Ms. Holly Holden
Ms. Beth Holland
Reverend and Mrs. Paul E. Holmstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt J. Horberg
Ms. Linda Jahn
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Jinks
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Johnson
Mrs. Helen Johnson
Mrs. Joanne Johnson
Mrs. Lois Johnson
Mrs. Nancy Johnson
Robert D. and Carole E. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Johnson
Vivian Johnson
Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Johnston

Ms. Joy Lindberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Kaldheim
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kappler
Ms. Ingrid Karlstom
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Karr
Cynthia and Timothy Kasper
Mr. Robert Kempiners
Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Kindschuh
Dr. Mary Em Kirn
Mr. Jeffrey Klocke
Mrs. Miriam Knoerr
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kuhagen
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Kurrle
Mr. Edward Kurtz
Reverend Gary and Christine LaCroix
Dr. Carol LaHurd
Mr. Edward Larsen
Reverend and Mrs. John M. Leaf
Samuel and Shari Holmer Lewis
Carolyn Leyva Mr. David Lindorff
Ms. Linnea Lindquist
Reverend and Mrs. Theodore Lindquist
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Lundahl
John and Pamela Lundblad
Dr. John Maurer
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Maurus
Reverend David and Gretchen McGaffic
Sylvia McGaffic
Mr. Jerrol Mesenbrink
Mrs. Hilda Meyer
Dr. Norman and Janet Moline
Janice and Deane Moore
Mrs. Marlene Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mueller
Mr. Daniel Murrin Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Nedde
Shaun Scullion and Amy Nelsestuen
Brent and Grace Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nelson
Mr. Kevin Nettz
Catherine and James Nichols
John and Janet Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Novak
Mrs. Cheryl O'Day
Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Ollenburger
Gordon and Marilyn Sandberg Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Olufs
Jamie and Adam Osmanski
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Palmquist
Jerry and Deborah Park
Ms. Susan Pauliks
Mr. Clark Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Pedersen
Mr. Scott Petersen
Gerald Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Peterson
Dr. William Pfohl
Mrs. Ann Pinion
Diana Pittenger
Harriet Plutz
Mr. and Ms. Roy Post
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Rasmussen
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Ray
Mr. John Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ridlbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Roets
Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. Rulis
Reverend and Mrs. Norman V. Ryding
John and Carolyn Sanderson
Reverend and Mrs. James E. Sbertoli
Mrs. Jeanne Schnakenberg
Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Schnell
Richard Schrohe
Mrs. Beatrice Schultz
Mr. Scott Schory
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sederquist
Mr. Roger Setterdahl
Reverend Dr. and Mrs. John H. Siefken, Jr.
Miss Kerstin D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Smith
Reverend Donald Sondrol
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Spayer
Mr. Matthew Spenny
Barbara Morris Stannard
Thomas Stasiak
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stoneburner
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sulouff
Donald and Kathryn Swanson
Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Swanson
Mr. Duane Swenson
Mr. Rodney Taylor
Dr. Matthew and Angela Tews
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Tomczak
James and Donna Topole
Reverend and Mrs. Jack E. Trethewey
Ms. Michelle Trost
Ms. Kathleen Vanni
Mr. John Voght
Mahlon and Alice Webb
Mrs. Mignon Weigand
William and Suzanne Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. White
Richard and Tammy Wieties
Dr. Harold Wimmer
Mr. Richard Windorf
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Wittenstrom, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Witzigreuter
Jennifer and Andrew Wolf
Ms. Jody Wood
Ms. Carol Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Young
Dr. Karin Youngberg
Eric, Barb  and Theodore Youngquist
Ray Zeigler