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Augustana College Travel Policy for Student Organizations

TRAVEL:  The College may be responsible for students traveling to and from a local activity, as well as for students traveling a distance and staying overnight in order to attend a conference.

Any overnight travel must be registered with the Office of International and Off-campus Programs if the duration is FIVE days or more.  In addition to registering, the Office will provide forms and information which must be filed before departure.

Advisors must supervise student travel whether that means they travel with the group, find another staff or faculty member to serve as the supervisor, or oversee the travel while remaining at home. The following concerns should be addressed by the advisor and the leadership of the organization:

  • All travel must take place in college-owned or rented vehicles, with the exception of travel within a 3 hour drive.  A copy of the student's driver's license and proof of insurance is required 24 hours prior to departure for all travel.  Please provide this information to the Office of Security or the Dean of Students Office.
  • For travel within 3 hours, students may use their own cars and may transport other students.   The driver's insurance is always primary.
  • Student organizations traveling without an approved college employee will be limited in size to the number of students that can legally fit in one van. Two vans of students traveling to the same location require approval from the Dean of Students.  Students will be expected to use a bus and professional driver when there are more than 24 people traveling.
  • Travel is limited to an eight hour drive from campus for student organizations traveling without an approved college employee (this means a maximum of about 500 miles by interstate). Students will be expected to receive approval of travel plans from their advisor and will be required to check in with the advisor on a regular basis. Travel beyond eight hours requires approval from the Dean of Students.
  • "Student recognized organizations" not initiated by college employees (these groups include Greeks, multicultural groups, service groups, recreational groups, and interest groups) or affiliated with an academic department may travel in their own vehicles up to three hours from campus if travel is completed in one day.  In these cases, the driver's insurance is primary.
  • Students encouraged to attend off-campus events as individual members of a class or in support of a "major" are responsible for their own transportation.  In these cases, the driver's insurance is primary.
  • Drivers should be aware of and are responsible for all local and state driving laws.  In particular, no one can consume or be under the influence of alcohol while traveling.
  • Participants should be aware of the alcohol and drug policies for student organizations which are in the Student Handbook.
  • Be sure to leave a list of travelers with a college official who remains on campus.
  • All participants must understand a plan for emergencies that might occur on the road or during the event.
  • A student leader in each vehicle should have a cell phone.
  • If there is no chaperone, student leaders should check in with the advisor by phone on a regular schedule.
  • If there is no chaperone, the advisor should make final decisions about travel plans during bad weather.
  • College vehicles may only be used for travel approved by the advisor.
  • For trips out of the country, students must:
    • Gain approval in writing for travel to the site(s) from the Director of International Programs.
    • Use the procedures, policies, and forms supplied by the Office of International Programs.

      Additional approval from the Dean or Vice President over the department is also required.  The Dean of Students will provide approval for College Recognized Student Organizations.
  • For exceptions, contact the Dean of Students.

If you have any questions, please contact Evelyn Campbell, Dean and Vice President of Student Services, (ext. 7533) or Ken Brill, Director of Student Activities (ext. 2695).  We appreciate the contributions you are making to our students, and welcome your ideas and suggestions.