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Latest information on campus construction projects

December  21, 2012

The outline of the Center for Student Life is taking shape west of the library. (Augustana Photo Bureau/Long Nguyen '16)

(Local television station WQAD visited campus and filed this report on the Center for Student Life.)

Three big construction projects on campus continue to be on schedule. Here's the update for this week from Dennis Hittle, Augustana's capital projects coordinator.

Center for Student Life (library addition)

Much of recent work has been to demolish the old Brew by the Slough and prepare its new space. The ceiling grid has been installed, as well as security grilles, carpet and wall tiles. The finishes have been painted, floor stained and light fixtures put in place. The Brew equipment has been connected.

The new Brew will be ready for business when classes resume in January.

Elsewhere in the CSL, columns have been trimmed with stone and new elevators installed.

On the fourth floor, recent work has included installation of doors, ceiling tile, glass walls and carpet. On the fifth floor, glass walls are being installed. The overhead electric, fire protection elements and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) have been roughed-in.

Framing, dry-wall and taping of the walls is underway. In the kitchen area of the addition, the underfloor is being roughed-in.

Austin E. Knowlton Outdoor Athletic Complex (football stadium)

Some of the trees have been removed to facilitate construction. The bleachers have been removed and the storage building will be demolished next week.

Drilling for piers will start Jan. 2. Heavy construction is scheduled to start Jan. 7. This will be the installation of caissons — underground, cast-in-place concrete columns used to stabilize soils.  

Old Main interior renovation

The handicapped ramp floor has been poured and the new elevator is being installed. All three drywall "lids" are done.

On the first floor, framing for walls and doors has begun.

On the second floor, door frames on completed and workers are beginning to hang drywall.

On the third floor, the hanging and taping of drywall has started, plus priming of the walls.