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Winner shares her GoodFit story

November  18, 2013

Check out the GoodFit contest page to enter your photo
for a chance at a $1,000 scholarship.

Each year Augustana College Admissions hosts a different sort of scholarship competition: The GoodFit T-shirt contest.  Visitors to the campus are offered a free T-shirt and ask to "be creative" for a chance to win $1,000. Students submit photos of themselves in their Augie shirt in one of four categories: "Best Action Shot", "In a Famous Location", "With an Alum", and "At Another College".  There is also a People's Choice Award given to the photo with the most votes.

This contest represents the best of what Augustana Admissions strives for when seeking students: a good fit with the college, demonstrated interest (by visiting campus), working to achieve a goal (winning $1,000) and creativity. 

Megan Lehman from Naperville, Ill., — and the 2013 People's Choice Winner — shares her story.

Finding the right school was very important to me. My high school counselors always told me that there is a school for everyone and you just have to find the right fit. I looked at all types of schools from large universities to small private schools like Augustana. When I heard about the GoodFit T-shirt contest I decided to enter because I was on the road to finding the right school for me.

I had visited Augustana in the fall and when the new year came I decided I needed to go back for another look. I had my T-shirt and we ventured out on the coldest day of the year to visit Augustana. On the way, we stopped at Northern Illinois University and I knew it was "too big". Next, we drove to St. Ambrose and I knew instantly it was "too small". So, we headed back over the Mississippi to visit Augustana one more time. The second time I was there I still had a great feeling about the school, despite the frigid weather. Everyone was so friendly from the professor I met with to the students I passed as I walked around. I knew Augustana was "just right" and the place for me.

Once I submitted my picture I contacted family and friends. I have a large extended family and we have a family newspaper that goes out monthly to over 200 people. So, I had family around the world voting for me everyday on any electronic device they could find. They also sent the information to their family and friends. I contacted a few of my former teachers and they had their students voting everyday. My first grade teacher even had his class voting in two separate computer labs each day. One day after lunch he forgot, so with ten minutes left in the day the students remembered and they all ran downstairs to vote. My mom also went to Augustana and sent it to all of her Augie friends. She said Augie alumni would do anything for another alumn. She was right.

I was in shock the day that my picture appeared on the People's Choice page and I was in first place at that time. This only inspired my family and friends to continue voting and pass it on to others. They don't settle for second place very well. I am so thankful for my family and friends for supporting me in this way. Attending Augustana is the best decision I could have made. Even though I have only been here for a short time, I have made life long friends and have encountered very caring professors who go out of their way to meet with me after class. Augustana is the "perfect fit" for me.