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Reporters watch students watch debate

As Augustana students gathered to watch the first debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney Wednesday, local reporters were watching their reactions.

Zack Wheeler told The Dispatch and Rock Island Argus that he believed Romney did a good job defending his points against inaccurate claims, while Obama did a good job calling out Romney about things he had said and the legitimacy of his ideas.

"They're saying the same thing over and over again," Karina De La Rosa told the Quad City Times. "It wasn't very helpful."

"It's really nice to just figure out where each candidate stands on the issues," Alicia Oken told KWQC News 6. "I know who I'm going to vote for, but it's good to reaffirm."

Dr. Steve Klien, professor of communication studies. and Dr. Christopher Whitt, assistant professor of political science, hosted the Debate Watch party and explained to WQAD Newschannel 8 why students would profit from it.

Students told WHBF News 4 they were concerned about the jobs outlook. 

Photos by Long Nguyen/Augustana Photo Bureau