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Construction begins on apartments near campus

March  15, 2012

Last night, Rock Island’s Board of Zoning Appeals approved plans presented by Hodge Construction of Moline on behalf of a group of local investors for a new apartment building adjacent to Augustana College’s campus, at 11th Avenue and 37th Street.

The approval by the zoning board marks the completion of another step in a process that began nearly one year ago. This step signals construction will begin immediately on the 15-unit complex that will house 36 college students starting in August 2012.

Augustana will lease the building – yet to be formally named – from Eleventh Avenue Vikings, a small group of local investors funding the project, in the 2012-2013 academic year. Initially it will house college juniors. Both the college and the investors are still in discussions about the long-term plans for the building.

“This project will provide work for more than 150 local construction workers,” said Tony Hodge, president of Hodge Construction and one of the Eleventh Avenue Vikings. “Plus it gives us a great opportunity to work with Augustana and offer upscale, green student housing.”

Apartment residents will enjoy vinyl wood floors in the main living areas and carpeted bedrooms, along with on-site laundry and an outdoor commons for picnics and grilling. Like other Augustana buildings, this new complex will be outfitted with secured entrances and Internet connections, and it will look similar to Augustana’s Dorothy Parkander Residence Center at 3601/3605 11th Ave., built by Hodge Construction in 2007.

Paul Pearson, vice president for construction and community development at Augustana, said, “This venture is a pilot project to explore a new kind of public/private partnership for Augustana … and it showcases our commitment to the local workforce and this community.” He added, “The college is grateful to Tony Hodge and the project’s investors. Together we are exploring creative options for providing an important service to Augustana’s students.”

Sam Schlouch
Senior Communication Director
(309) 794-7833