Class notes 1990-1999

(received as of November 31, 2011)


Arthur Bergren was named Illinois Clergy of the Year for 2011 by the Illinois Veterans of Foreign Wars for service to the veterans within his parish and community.

Christine Berrong received the Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction from Loyola
University, Chicago.

Jeff Bloeser is a financial advisor with Edward Jones Investments, Chesterfield, Mo. Jonathan Gast is director of safety and biosafety at Sanofi Pasteur, Swiftwater, Pa.

Krista Holmer Lane received the master's in music education from Boston University.


Michael Sementa received the Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching, which is given annually to 10 of the Chicago area's most outstanding teachers.

David Williams, who played basketball and was a student coach and assistant at Augustana, has been named athletic director at Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro.


John Doonan was promoted to director, Mazda Motorsports
at Mazda North American Operations.

Kristin Hanson was elected to the Montana State House of Representatives.

Erin Lounsberry was promoted to public relations manager for Trinity Regional Health System, Rock Island.

Jennifer Woodruff Tait's academic book, The Poisoned Chalice: Eucharistic Grape Juice & Common Sense Realign in Victorian Methodism, and book of poetry, Histories of Us, were recently published.


Nick Bennyhoff is web  administrator/developer for the new Illinois Heartland Library System, Edwardsville.

Matthew '96 and Kristin Adamson Dutton adopted a daughter, Katelyn Mei (2) from Chongqing, China, in June 2010 (DJ, 9, and Jacob, 7).

John Figura is law clerk to the Honorable Raymond Lohier, Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York, N.Y.


Heather Fowler married Peter Rothschild on August 27, 2011.

Christia Wilson Hicks has been named vice president of human resources at Wishard Health Services, Indianapolis, Ind.

Chris Simmons adopted two children, Jada, 6, and CJ, 3, in August 2011 (Jenny).

Catherine Sapp Switzer had a daughter, Kelly Catherine, on November 18, 2011 (Stephen).



Jennifer Calkins received the master's in psychology from the University of Phoenix.

Kara Schoppa Cobbs works at Forbush School at Glyndon, Reisterstown, Md.

Matthew and Kristin Adamson '94 Dutton adopted a daughter, Katelyn Mei (2) from Chongqing, China, in June 2010 (DJ, 9, and Jacob, 7).

Jenny Grube Fennerty is manager of Asia practice for Goodwin Procter in Hong Kong.

Julie White Gardner had a son, Graham Thomas, in September 2011 (Michael).

Brian Hendricks is head of technology policy at Nokia Siemens Networks, a global maker of telecommunications equipment.

Jill Rietveld Krysinski's children's book, The Adventures of Jetsie and Bill-Recycle, was published.

Moira Kinnally Moran had a daughter, Tessa, on August 11, 2011 (Matt; Luci, 8, Quinn, 6,
and Cole, 2).

Paige Berger Nardi had a son, Payton Joseph, on June 1, 2011 (Patrick; Patrick, 2). She is a managed markets account executive at Endo Pharmaceuticals, Cary, Ill.

Sarah Bush Rosten had a daughter, Ellianah Eve, on December 24, 2010 (Heath).


Matthew Brandenburg had a daughter, Olivia Grace, on February 14, 2011 (Becky).

Jennifer Horwath Burnham had a son, Finn Erik, on June 10, 2011 (Kurt; Bridger, 2).

Mark Nelson was promoted to director of track and field/cross country at Central Methodist University, Fayette, Mo.

Garret and Sara Stodden '98 Pasowicz had a daughter, Evelyn Sylvia, on August 9, 2011 (Gwendalyn, 7).


Dusty Behringer is the varsity football coach at Sandwich (Ill.) High School.

Kendra Nicholson Brodin is director of career and professional development at St. Thomas School of Law, Minneapolis, Minn.

Rebecca Strong Budde is publications editor for the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield.

Ian Howell had a daughter, Callie Joy, on September 12, 2010 (Michelle).

Amy Bushong Lee is diversified services practice manager for Vail Valley Medical Center, Vail, Colo.

Chris and Lauren Rolsing Noble had a son, Benjamin Dean, on March 22, 2011 (Graham, 2).

JJ and Kristin Hegi Manning had a daughter, Meredith Vivian, on July 15, 2011 (Lauren, 6, Grant, 4, and Hannah, 2).

Garret '97 and Sara Stodden Pasowicz had a daughter, Evelyn Sylvia, on August 9, 2011 (Gwendalyn, 7).

Melinda Werner is a document tech at Sentry Insurance, Davenport, Iowa.


Richard Blunk is a pediatrician at Genesis Medical Center, Davenport, Iowa.

Scott and Amy Zaiser Cobert had a son, Lukas Michael, on August 11, 2011.

Aina Gutierrez and Doug Sondgeroth had a daughter, Elsa Lynn, on July 8, 2011 (Eva, Asher).

Melissa Stagg Haak had a daughter, Grace Adelaide, on February 17, 2011 (Gregory).

Charles and Heather Wright '00 Haben had twins, Lydia Hope and John Edward, on June 27, 2011 (Grace, 3).

Amanda Hage married Paul Brenegan on June 25, 2011.

Angela Pasaye Mitchell had a daughter, Shannon Helen, on October 6, 2011 (Matthew).

Carrie Henrickson Pauly had a daughter, Elsa Louise, on July 1, 2011 (Brian; Sam, 7, Julia, 5).

Michael and Kelly Lipp Persson had a son, Parker Kellen, on September 10, 2011 (Lucas, 3, Isaac, 1).

Tricia Keefe Phelan had a son, Devin James, on February 17, 2011 (Brian; Tyler, 8, Kendall, 6, and Jordan, 3).

Lisa Randazzo Short had a daughter, Molly, on March 5, 2011 (David; Emily, 2).

Joshua Tate had a daughter, Allison Maree, on July 15, 2011 (Jamie).

Victoria Van Kirk was promoted to assistant director of housing facilities in the department of housing services at DePaul University, Chicago.