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2012-13 school year comprehensive fee announced

January  31, 2012

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Again this year, to help families address financial realities and make sound plans, Augustana is announcing its comprehensive fee increase earlier than many colleges. The college’s comprehensive fee for the 2012-13 academic year, including tuition, fees, housing and a full meal plan, will increase by 3.75 percent.

For the coming year, the comprehensive cost will be $43,400 — an increase of just over $500 in each of the three terms — from $41,830 in the 2011-2012 academic year.

Video: Augustana President Steve Bahls

Augustana will continue its commitment to access for students from all socio-economic backgrounds. Through its commitment to financial assistance, the college will continue to assist more than 90 percent of its students in making their education affordable. Student financial assistance is derived from many sources — including federal and state programs, institutional grants and scholarships — which together made the average price paid by an Augustana student this year $21,300.

“An important consideration in relation to price is the average time it takes a student to graduate,” said President of the College Steven C. Bahls. “While at many schools the average student takes five to six years to graduate, Augustana is proud of its high four-year graduation rate. Graduating in four years significantly reduces the cost of a college education.

“In general, private, non-profit colleges such as Augustana are introducing lower tuition increases than are many public universities,” said President Bahls. In a report from College Board, the typical cost of one year at a private college rose 4.3 percent last year. In that same period, tuition at public universities on average jumped 8.3 percent.

“Augustana College has worked diligently to tighten budgets, increase efficiencies and limit tuition increases, and we realize that providing a high-quality college education requires a great level of commitment,” said Kent Barnds, vice president of enrollment, communication and planning.

One way Augustana has increased student access while enhancing high-impact learning is through the Augie Choice program. Through Augie Choice, Augustana students receive up to $2,000 to support their research with a professor, an internship or a study abroad experience. In the spring of 2012 — not quite three years since it started — Augie Choice will have given students $1 million in support of peak learning experiences.

Barnds added, “These and other learning experiences throughout four years on campus help distinguish Augustana and add value to a student’s education and degree.”

When comparing costs and quality during the college search, Augustana officials agree that prospective students and families should visit campus and have conversations with admissions and financial assistance counselors to gain a truer sense of what the college can offer — in terms of financial assistance over four years, the college experience during those years, and what that education and degree will be worth over time.

Keri Rursch
Director of Public Relations
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