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Callie Crossley will discuss civil rights issues

January  19, 2012

Callie Crossley

On Thursday, Jan. 26, Callie Crossley, a radio talk show host from Boston, will explain why civil rights issues once again are front-page news. Her free, public lecture begins at 10:30 a.m. in Centennial Hall (3703 7th Ave.) and is funded by the Augustana Institute for Leadership and Service.

Crossley will present “Civil Rights History, Back to the Future” while visiting Augustana as a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow. On campus, she also will visit classes to discuss her favorite topics, including the collision of old and new media, media and politics, media literacy and the intersection of race, gender and media.

“She is a leading voice in this country on issues of race, polities and journalism,” said Dr. Darrin Good, director of the service learning and leadership initiatives at Augustana. “I am confident that her impact via numerous classroom conversations and her lecture will initiate thoughtful conversations at Augustana and beyond.”

Crossley hosts “The Callie Crossley Show,” and “intelligent talk” is the hallmark of her one-hour daily show, covering current events, local happenings, art and culture, and water cooler buzz.

When asked what she loves about her current work, Crossley said, “I enjoy tackling different subjects and getting a chance to interview some fascinating folks.… It’s a lot of work being prepared to discuss a variety of topics, but the variety makes it fresh.”

A graduate of Wellesley College in Wellesley, Mass., Crossley has been awarded multiple major journalism and film honors, most notably for her work on “Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years,” the acclaimed documentary series that earned her an Oscar nomination, a national Emmy, and the Dupont Columbia Gold Baton.

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