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Audrey Adamson earns a regional honor

December  22, 2011

Audrey Adamson (Augustana Photo Bureau/Marla Alvarado Neuerburg)

Augustana College’s Interim Director of Residential Life Audrey Adamson recently received the Advisor of the Year award by Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (GLACURH). The award honors Adamson’s dedication to providing quality programming and activities to help students have the most positive on-campus college experience possible.

Augustana’s Residence Hall Association student-leaders nominated Adamson for being a “killer advisor” and created a nomination packet based on the theme of the television drama series Dexter, about a serial killer. Like Adamson, the nomination had a fun, playful theme and yet communicated the importance of her role.

Through the nomination, students recognized Adamson’s record of hands-on volunteering at the college and within the Quad-Cities community, and they acknowledged her leadership in making “sure that Augustana’s halls and houses are safe and healthy places to live, and that students are having the best experience possible.”

Adamson, once an Augustana student herself, graduated in 1997 and has been working in residential life ever since. She was a community advisor as a student, and has worked her way to her current position.

“Her long-term commitment to improve the lives of students at Augustana is rather unique, and highly rewarding for both Audrey and Augustana,” said Dean and Vice President of Student Services Dr. Evelyn Campbell.

According to Kelly Giovanine, who works closely with Adamson as the housing coordinator, “Audrey’s student experience impacts the job she does today. In everything Audrey does, she intertwines her vast experience in the field and first-hand experience of what it’s like to be an Augustana student.”

Giovanine was not surprised Augustana students nominated Adamson for this award. She said, “Audrey is unique in the aspect that most residential life professionals serve as an active student advisor for a year or two. It takes so much time and energy … Audrey thrives on the whole experience.”

Dr. Campbell added, “Audrey truly cares for our students and demonstrates that every day. She sees living in the residence halls as a real opportunity for students to learn lifelong skills that will make a difference throughout their lives.”

Sam Schlouch
Senior Communication Director
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