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Frieze Lecture: The Civil War is still with us

November  14, 2011

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The Rock Island Public Library and Augustana College partnered to offer a four-week fall Frieze Lecture Series on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in October and November 2011.

The theme was Echoes of the Civil War. The free lectures were presented on Tuesdays in the Rock Island Main Library Community Room, 401 19th St. Coffee and conversation followed the lectures.

In this video of the fourth lecture Nov. 8, Dr. Christopher Whitt, Augustana political science department, speaks on the war's legacy in American politics. (See also, "The Civil War is still with us.")

Now in its 14th year, the annual lectures series is named after the band of 12 authors carved around the top (frieze) of the historic library building.

Other lectures:

Tuesday, Oct. 18: Dr. Jane Simonsen, associate professor of history, talked on the impact of the Civil War on gender roles, how women participated in the war, and the impact of war on the home front. (Video)

Tuesday, Oct. 25: Dr. Kelly Daniels, assistant professor of English, discussed the war's impact on the field of writing and books, novels that owe their origins to the conflict, and how war is viewed through the lens of literature. (Video)

Tuesday, Nov. 1: Dr. Lendol Calder of the Augustana history department talked about the histories that emerged from the war amd how historians have dealt with the war since Appomattox. (Video)