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"Bus vs. Train: Ethics in Transit"

October  05, 2011

Dr. Laura M. Hartman

On Tuesday, October 11, at 7:30 p.m., Dr. Laura M. Hartman, assistant professor of religion at Augustana College, will examine the use of buses and trains in the Quad Cities from an ethical perspective. The free, public lecture, titled “Bus vs. Train: Ethics in Transit,” will be held in the Robert A. and Patricia K. Hanson Hall of Science (726 35th St.), Room 102. It is sponsored by the Augustana Center for the Study of Ethics, and the lecture will be followed by a group discussion.

“Can either buses or trains really offer a viable alternative to the car? Which is better, and by what measurement?” Dr. Hartman asked.

“As citizens, we must determine which transit options are most just, have the least harmful environmental impact and create the communities we envision. As consumers, we also want transit that meets our needs.”

This examination of buses and trains in the Quad Cities will illuminate the ethical nature of transportation choices. “Transit choices not only shape individual character but also contribute to justice, sustainability and healthy community,” Dr. Hartman said.

After earning her bachelor’s from Indiana University and doctorate from the University of Virginia, Dr. Hartman joined the Augustana faculty in 2008. Her areas of specialization include environmental, sexual, social and medical ethics.

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